Monday, February 19, 2007

Bluetooth GPS

Just for humor, here's a screen capture of Google Earth Plus.

In version 4+, it handles NMEA tracking in realtime. Can't remember when I bought a subscription, but in 3.x it handled only the common proprietary data formats. This shot's just from placing a GlobalSat BT-359 on my windowsill and enabling tracking. Of course, that meant that I wasn't moving. But the BT-359 seems to acquire a good fix more quickly than the other BT GPS units we have, even though they all have the ubiquitous SiRF Star III. Just my anecdotal experience.

So I like the BT-359, but I'm not especially impressed with my local cell provider. I imagine most of the employees there would do well as used car salespersons. Mentioning the words "programmatically access" likely caused a buffer overflow, and I couldn't help but think of Death of a Salesman.

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