Tuesday, February 13, 2007

North Carolina Pwned by Google?

The last few days, I've been catching those hints in our papers about Google opening some server farms here. It sounds like the State's cut (or will cut) them a sweet deal, which is understandable when North Carolina is scrambling to identify itself in the brave new world of so-called "free trade" in the era of American post-industrialization.

A cynic might say that it's the economic equivalent of "Web 2.0" or something: we taxpayers state-wide contribute tax dollars (our content contribution), and all the world benefits by faster query result times ;)

There's nothing wrong with gaining a Google server farm, as theoretically that alone is a good thing for us, but we should keep things in perspective.

Recently "forest products" surpassed textiles as the State's leading industry, in terms of dollars and employment. While I am no economist, that seems to me a step in the wrong direction.

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