Thursday, March 15, 2007

2-D Barcodes Again

As I've been working on this upcoming workshop, I revisited the world of 2-D barcodes again today. I've added the Kaywa QR 2-DBC on the right of blog, as you can see. With their client, capturing that image with your mobile's camera will render my blog feed in a friendly fashion, like so:

Now, as I've said before, this stuff hasn't yet really caught on yet in the US. In Asia, particularly in Japan and Taiwan, it's a big deal -- almost becoming commodity or ubiquitous. I'm not quite sure why it's not so here, especially as legacy ways of net use are increasingly abandoned by those who grew up with mobiles.

So far I've only really tried three mobile apps: began with Semacode, then tried Kaywa's QR, and today found ShotCode.

ShotCode rocks! You know, one of the potential probs with these 2-D barcodes is that, the longer your parameterized URL, the more complex the image. In practice, using my Sony-Ericsson 810i, I find that ShotCode works best. I'm able to read codes with ease from my monitor.

As an experiment, I encoded what I consider to be a rather complex URL calling a WMS request to my MapServer instance, with geolocation params, in ShotCode. Shot it and my map showed up, no problems!

ShotCode to our work blog to the left.

Semacode directing to UNC's TLT Conference

Last but not least, Moji-Q in Japan has a gig where one can create QR codes with extended embedded data, such as site name and descriptions. Like so:

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