Wednesday, April 4, 2007

GIS on Campus

Today I got to see the results of what some of our Comp Sci students were doing with some of our GIS-related stuff. For a class project they are making a campus tour app, written in Swing, that uses the Place Lab GPS code to establish 2-D position, and then they render a map from my MapServer instance.

It was great that Justin stopped by with the Fujitsu tablet we provided, and he had their latest version of the client app running. Was really curious to see what they'd come up with. Essentially, he grabs both a GML dump of the building footprints, and grabs vector maps periodically, comparing them to current location.

I've been messing with the map files all this week, but as is normally the case with smart folks, Justin figured out what I was doing without needing to ask, and Florian did the same with Place Lab.

Justin and I wandered around Campus a bit, and I was impressed that the client, on the tablet, followed us perfectly. It knew and showed our position flawlessly, as we made our way down Campus sidewalks. Kind of scary, but great :)

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