Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Years ago this would have bothered me ;)

I received the attendee evaluations of a recent presentation. On a scale of one to five, the overall rating was 4.50 (not so bad).

The technical level rating was 5.0, but I got slammed on use of visual aids, etc. One person was apparently very disappointed, and I think I know who that was :) It was supposed to be a hands-on session, and I had indeed prepared materials and distributions for that. But there were so many questions that kind of sidetracked me, many of which dealt with non-technical issues, meaning I never got around to the real demos!

I'll remember in particular this comment (which I do take as constructive criticism):

"This was supposed to be a hands on (sic) workshop and there was absolutely none of that!"

That reminds me of when, in one of my first tech jobs, which involved supporting a software package, a client wrote my boss. He said something to the effect that my support, while always pleasant, polite and attentive, was in the end not terribly helpful (in other words, we didn't know the solution to his problem, or did not want to admit a known limitation/bug).

Heh, the guy who mentored me in that job used to preface almost all of his responses with the words "that is definitely non-standard behavior," and follow with much language of obfuscation ;)

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