Monday, June 4, 2007

Not about Street View!

True story: the other day I was standing outside our building, waiting to get a GPS fix on my cell phone (although I really did know where I was), when a van slowly drove by with a camera mounted on the passenger side. It wasn't one of the fancy camera systems from Immersive Media, which is what Google licenses, though. Bummer.

But if the Google feature really takes off and doesn't get sanitized by folks overly concerned about privacy, it'll become a sport to intentionally plant easter eggs in there. Now is the time to break out those life-sized cut-outs of Chewbacca! ;)

Will a guy caught mooning be edited out? If the cute little fuel-efficient vehicle hosting the camera and system drives by a radical demonstration where signs feature controversial language, will that get tweaked?

One expects the tech blogs to be all a-twitter with OMGness, because they live for that stuff. But even the traditional media's all over this, most likely because they heard one of the street scenes captured a fellow around a porno shop. I've heard it mentioned on several talk radio programs, where callers seem to think that some advanced satellite technology is enabling the G00gle to snoop on them.


Mike Conway said...

I would actually nominate Cha-ka cutouts as an appropriate easter egg.

crusader88 said...

Ohh, poor Chewbacca; he always gets caught in the middle.

Pat Buchanan's blog has an excellent article on US-Russia policy, at . He's right on, so you should read it.

Also, you'll find that I've placed you on my blogroll. We'll talk later.